Museum Exhibitions

Below is a list of my experience translating and proofreading various materials (exhibition panels, brochures, worksheets, etc.) for museums across Korea.

A significant portion of my proofreading work was done for the Korea Institute for Simultaneous Interpretation (KISI, 한국동시통역연구소).

National Museum of Korea – Education Division 국립중앙박물관 교육과

Museum Wonder Cart Quiz & Worksheets 상설전시 뮤지엄 원더 카트 퀴즈 및 활동지

Special Exhibition Viewing Guides 특별전시 감상 가이드

Miscellaneous 기타

  • Various promotional materials about educational activities for foreigners
  • Materials for educational collaboration with museums abroad

Yeosu Jinnamgwan Hall Museum 여수 진남관 임란유물전시관

  • Permanent Exhibition 상설전시 (Translation 번역) – 2022

Mungyeong Ceramic Museum 문경도자기박물관

  • Second Permanent Exhibition Hall 제2전시실 (Translation 번역) – 2022

Piramseowon Artifact Exhibition Hall 필암서원 유물전시관

  • Permanent Exhibition 상설전시 (Translation 번역) – 2020

Seoul Museum of History 서울역사박물관

  • Proofreading 교열

Cheonggyecheon Museum 청계천박물관

  • Proofreading 교열

Seoul City Wall Museum 한양도성박물관

  • Proofreading 교열

Dongdaemun History Museum 동대문역사관

  • Permanent Exhibition 상설전시 (Proofreading 교열)

Baek In-je House 백인제가옥

  • Information panel texts, brochure, etc. 안내판 해설문, 브로셔 등 (Proofreading 교열)

The Museum of Korea Emigration History 이민사박물관

  • Proofreading 교열

Gongpyeong Historic Site Museum 공평도시유적전시관

  • Proofreading 교열

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History 대한민국역사박물관

Seoul National University Hospital – Museum of Medicine 서울대학교병원 의학박물관

  • Brochure 브로셔 (Proofreading 교열)

Culture Station Seoul 284 문화역서울284