Cultural Heritage Information Panels

문화유산 안내판 해설문

As the lead editor of the Korean Cultural Heritage English Interpretive Text Compilation Team at the Center for Digital Humanities at the Academy of Korean Studies, I have personally edited, translated, and/or written over 5,000 interpretive texts for information panels at historic sites across South Korea. Based in a digital humanities philosophy of making knowledge accessible, our work is available for viewing on our MediaWiki website, which also serves as our translation platform.

Unlike typical translation companies, our team at AKS does not simply translate the Korean text into English but rather compiles a new text that takes into consideration the background knowledge and interests of foreign audiences. This process includes additional research to ensure that the content is accurate.

Below, I have included links to our team’s website so you can explore our work.

Heritage Types 문화유산 종류

고고유적 Archaeological Sites
묘역 Burials and Tombs
가옥 Houses
전통마을 Traditional Villages
전통정부시설 Traditional Government Facilities
방어시설 Defense Facilities
석조물 Stone Sculptures
비석 및 정려 Steles and Commemorations
전적류 Documents
회화 Paintings
근대시설 Modern Facilities
유교 유적 Confucian Sites
기독교 유적 Christian Sites
민속신앙 유적 Folk Religion Sites
불교문화유산 Buddhist Cultural Heritages
무형문화재 Intangible Cultural Heritage
지질지형 Geological Formations
생물과학기념물 Flora and Fauna

Heritage Sites 문화유산 유적

Here are some of the more well-known heritage sites our team has worked on.

Buddhist Temples and Sites
경주 남산 일원 Namsan Mountain, Gyeongju
경주 불국사 및 석굴암 Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto, Gyeongju
경주 황룡사지 Hwangnyongsa Temple Site, Gyeongju
구례 화엄사 Hwaeomsa Temple, Gurye
보은 법주사 Beopjusa Temple, Boeun
안동 봉정사 Bongjeongsa Temple, Andong
영주 부석사 Buseoksa Temple, Yeongju
익산 미륵사지 Mireuksa Temple Site, Iksan
익산 왕궁리 유적 Archaeological Site in Wanggung-ri, Iksan
청주 흥덕사지 Heungdeoksa Temple Site, Cheongju
합천 해인사 Haeinsa Temple, Hapcheon
Fortresses and Villages
부여 부소산성 관북리유적 Busosanseong Fortress and Archaeological Site in Gwanbuk-ri, Buyeo
서울 숭례문 Sungnyemun Gate, Seoul
수원 화성 Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon
경주 양동마을 Yangdong Village, Gyeongju
안동 하회마을 Hahoe Village, Andong
Confucian Academies and Shrines
논산 돈암서원 Donamseowon Confucian Academy, Nonsan
안동 도산서원 Dosanseowon Confucian Academy, Andong
안동 병산서원 Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy, Andong
옥산서원 Oksanseowon Confucian Academy, Gyeongju
전주 경기전 Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Jeonju
장성 필암서원 전시관 Exhibition Hall of Piramseowon Confucian Academy, Jangseong
Ancient Tombs
가야고분군 Gaya Ancient Tombs
강화 고인돌 Dolmens, Ganghwa
경주 신라왕릉 Silla Royal Tombs, Gyeongju